Angela Bell

Angela’s work elevates the prosaic in the everyday life of lost individuals, committing the fleeting moments of the people we look through and discard to the form of intimate oils. The act of retrieving and reviving is at the core of her practice, from the collecting of found photographs as source material to the process of painting itself.

Angela creates detailed studies in oil, and through a process of working back in to the surface and exploring mark making techniques, She distorts, eliminates and manipulates the image to create a visual language. This process is based on her personal relationship with the individuals she is portraying, as well as the desire to create a painting with which the viewer can establish a point of communication. She does not look to dictate a specific meaning through the narrative presented but rather to prompt dialogue between the subject and the viewer.

Through the act of painting she reclaims and invigorates, with added permanence and significance, a moment lost in the instant it occurred. Within the portraits there is an echo of that which is lost and sought, it speaks at times to our sense of nostalgia, and at others to our desire to be seen, recognised and valued.

Angela’s work is in private collections worldwide and has been selected for numerous exhibitions including the Royal Academy Summer exhibition, Royal Society of British Artists, Royal Society of Portrait Painters, Royal Hibernian Academy, Royal Ulster Academy and she was shortlisted for the Artists and Illustrators Artist of the Year in both 2015 and 2016. She has been awarded the Dry Red Press Award, LARA Portrait Award and was a prize winner at the Jacksons Open Art Prize.