Colm Mac Athlaoich

Colm MacAthlaoich's works often depict expressive, seemingly melancholic figures and landscapes within indeterminate spaces and dreamlike narratives. His work is rich in historical references to art, theatre and the natural world but also in observations drawn from everyday life and popular culture. He tries to understand the world through his own experience. His work, in which small fleeting thoughts are responded to, transform into the infinitely big and develop organically from his inner psyche. For MacAthlaoich, the world is in a state of constant flux and evolution, so too is his response to it. History is not set in stone but a shifting space, the meaning of which is particular to each different moment in time, and each individual. This concept is mirrored in his work process, each individual piece is approached in this unique manner, devoid of any thematic connection. He is interested in using philosophy as a prism through which to understand the world around him, but also as a means of exploring the subconscious