Eleanor McCaughey

Eleanor McCaughey’s work engages with painting as an amalgamation of still life, sculpture and portraiture. It explores contemporary representations of portraiture, referencing the tradition of still life. The work juxtaposes past ideas of identity and power with new ideas, taking reference from elaborately embellished Asmat ancestor skulls, Celtic rituals of the cult of the head, Christian iconography and the modern day selfie.

The work contemplates impenetrable forces shaping our contemporary society, from the ideological to the technological. The portraits are represented in a way that questions how we use social media to construct false impressions of status and authority in an age of displacement and individualism.

Eleanor McCaughey is Irish artist living and working in Dublin. Recent exhibitions include ‘The blood-dimmed tide is loosed’ at The Complex Dublin, May 2018. ‘Like Me’, The Dock, Leitrim, February 2018 and ‘There is a policeman in all our heads; he must be destroyed’ at Pallas Projects, Dublin, September 2017 and Her work is represented in the OPW state art collection and private collections in Ireland,
Europe, United States and Canada.