'Erratic' x Ronan Dillon

Erratic x Ronan Dillion (solo show)
8th – 24th August

The Hang Tough Gallery is pleased to present Erratic, the first solo exhibition by Ronan Dillon. The exhibition is a culmination of work inspired by Dillon’s last two years of living in County Sligo. Coming from an urban upbringing and a designer background Dillon is drawn to the inconspicuous artistry of the rural. He has utilized his outsider’s eyes to capture the wildness of the land through an urban perspective.

‘Sheep’ is a series of paintings that document the different markings used to identify particular flocks of sheep in the countryside of Sligo. Each painting is limited to a single edition, numbered and named after the precise location of each flock. ‘Culleenamore, sheep #29’ is composed of a blue oval outline positioned off-centre with spots of red, green and indigo dotting the pictorial plane. The application of these rudimentary markings are inconsistent, with residue arbitrarily speckling the surface. This painterly orderlessness is due to its medium, the product ‘Agrihealth Sheep Marker’. This is the exact spray paint used by farmers to mark their sheep. Dillon’s new work also includes the ‘Woodville Flock Edition’, a similar series made on custom made paper from Griffin Mill, Roscommon - the last mill to make custom made paper in Ireland. The paper is made from 100% organic cotton and has been mixed with the freshly sheared wool of the Woodville flock, creating a dappled effect of brightly coloured specks.

Dillon’s other series of thematic works entitled ‘Bale’, comprise of four large pieces depicting hay bales wrapped in black and pink plastic. To the foreign eye it is an exotic anomaly; seeing hundreds of bales in these artificial colours stacked high in fields, decorated in expressive designs or calligraphed characters for the purpose of deterring birds. The markings are similar to a ‘tag’ made by a graffiti artist in a cityscape - the making of one’s mark, an announcement that you were there.


Roots x Hang Tough
August 21, 22, 23

To coincide with Erratic the Hang Tough and Roots are hosting a meal in the gallery. Inspired by the landscape, ingredients and cooking methods of the West of Ireland Roots will offer five courses of ingredients.
Roots is a food experience by Keith Coleman & Aisling McHugh