'Erratic' x Ronan Dillon

Ronan Dillon is a contemporary artist from Dublin who recently relocated to the west of Ireland to immerse himself in the rural life which informs his artistic practice. He produces abstracted work rooted in the wild and erratic visual aspects of Ireland from the seemingly random patterns and shapes created in the baling of hay to the colour stories and markings made by farmers in the demarcation of their flocks of sheep.

In 2019, we had the great pleasure of hosting Ronan’s first solo show in our gallery, in which he explored the duality of the term ‘Erratic’. Dillon’s work translates some of the wild and unpredictable visual aspects seen in the west of Ireland onto canvas. His abstract paintings were all set around a work which portrays a large rock or ‘erratic’ - a rock which does not match its surrounds and was believed to have been brought from a distant location.  Taking its name from this stone, Dillon’s show was also a commentary of his relocating and displacement in the west of Ireland.