Hugh Cooney

Hugh Cooney is an artist, filmmaker and performer based in London. He graduated from Ireland’s National College Of Art & Design with a first class BA honours degree.

Through his art, Hugh’s engages a variety of disciplines across several different media. Utilising outmoded techniques to emphasise the surreality of our modern world, Hugh’s MS Paint bureau installations enclosed the artist in a box, from which he delivered MS Paint drawings according to suggestions from the audience. Conceived, executed and printed within 5 minutes, this system attempt to recreate the instantaneous gratification of modern media, but via thoroughly primitive means.

Now based permanently in London, Hugh works mainly in video and visual arts, with a particular affinity for MS Paint and outmoded or pre-modern rendering and replication techniques. His latest work is a series of large scale MS Paint renderings of sunsets inspired by the Italo Disco musical genre.