Human Child x Bríd Higgins Ní Chinnéide

Hang Tough Gallery is delighted to open our 2020 schedule of exhibitions with Dublin based artist Bríd Higgins Ní Chinnéide.

Bríd is an incredibly talented fine art painter who draws her inspiration from the subtleties of the human form and the medium through which she paints. Through her interest in oil painting and her talent for its manipulation, she captures moments of serenity and tension both in the figures she depicts and their surroundings.

In her new show ‘Human Child’, Bríd focuses her attention on the figure of a child. In particular, Brid’s take on childhood draws attention to the self-possession and sense of purpose embodied in children while also questioning the fear and foreboding that the adult’s gaze brings to images of childhood. 

The title of the exhibition and the many of the new original paintings on show derive their names from a collection of verse for children by W.B. Yeats. In his poetry Yeats had imbued childhood with a sense of romanticism and mystery; qualities the reader knows will not endure. Bríd provides a similar experience with her work as the series of individual children collectively draw attention to the inevitable passage of time and uncertainty for the future.