Lola Donoghue Editions

Lola Donoghue is an Irish artist living and working in Galway, in the West of Ireland. Graduating with a first class honours degree in Fine Art (Painting) from Limerick School of Art and Design, she achieved the highest grades in her class and also received the Revenue Commissioners award for the standard of her work and general studentship.

Imbued with a painterly, ethereal quality, her work is characterised by a predominantly white-on-white palette, layered with a mix of muted colours and splashes of bright neon. Her work is light and fresh and the compositions are a delicate balance of intricate linear forms and concentrated layers of colour.

Her work makes a statement on the social milieu, an interpretation and exploration of everyday contemporary culture and society, representing the unseen internal emotions by the elimination of recognisable forms. Hidden in the subtle, delicate washes are details, renderings that draw the eye and hint at the exploration of the unconscious, clashing narratives and the tension and balance that exist therein.