Maser is an Irish painter and graphic artist, now living in the USA.

His Interrupting Space Series has stemmed from the idea of how graffiti interrupts the urban landscape.

"Painting for so many years, 'the before and after' really interests me. The transition is usually at night so most people don't see, they are just confronted with it the next day, usually breaking their routine, ‘an interruption’. In some instances “wallpapering” the landscape with artwork, creating interesting compositions, the strong contrast between the synthetic artwork and the natural environment work well together.

I've used different mediums to communicate this, like ribbon, paint, woodwork etc. The concept has now transitioned into installations, pushing the idea more than just changing the landscape. By the use of art I can also dictate and narrate people throughout a public space, create a journey. 

The relationship between the people, the city, the art is very important, this is what I'm trying to communicate with these pieces."