Shane Berkery Editions

Shane Berkery is a Dublin-based painter represented by the Chimera Gallery and the Molesworth Gallery. He received the Hennessy-Craig award and Whyte’s award at the 186th RHA Annual Exhibition, and the NUI Art and Design Award in 2015. He has work in the Irish state collection which has been shown alongside portraits by School of Rembrandt and Louis le Brocquy in ‘Portraits of a Nation’. This is the 14th exhibition in which his work is shown since his graduation from NCAD in 2015; the 15th will be the the Start Art Fair in the Saatchi gallery later this month.
Berkery’s paintings primarily deal with the human figure. He currently has several streams of work which are informed by his own photos including nudes and old family photos from his Japanese side. Using these different sources of inspiration he seeks to create figures that evoke a sense of ‘realness’ in a way that the spectator can feel their presence there in front of them. He views his oeuvre is an accumulation of studies into the visual mechanisms by which this is realised, and in each painting the relationship between the various languages of paint (representation, abstraction, colour, composition and degree of completion) are scrutinised. From the purely representational figures in his photographic source material, he extracts the sensation of presence and distils into viscerally ‘real’ beings on canvas.