Tom McLean

Tom is a figurative painter and Illustrator, originally from Stradbally, Laois is now living and working in Galway after graduating from CCAM GMIT in 2016 with an honours degree in Fine Art specializing in Painting and is now studying part time in the RHA School, Dublin.  Since graduating he has exhibited in the National Gallery of Ireland as part of the HPP 16 was included in the RHA and RUA annual exhibitions where he was awarded the Whtyes Award at RHA188. He is represented by The Chimera Gallery Mullingar and his work is in private collections in Ireland and abroad.

Artist Statement: "My medium of choice would be oil; however, I also incorporate elements of mixed media to add varied surfaces and textures to my paintings. My creative process involves the construction and deconstruction of the form and figure through a preliminary stage of drawing, collage and photography. This avoids the original references defining the outcome of the painting and instead striving to create work which is unique and unpredictable. I am interested in narratives and how texture, space and expression can convey a mood. In my work I attempt to capture the essence of the sitter and convey emotive qualities rather than simply replicating a photograph.

Through painting I hope to capture a moment in time, some more fragmented than others. I am interested in capturing feelings of vulnerability and anxiety resulting in raw and honest portraits that aim to express underlying narratives based around both the sitter’s experiences and my own."